One thing you should know about me is that I’m not afraid to say that clubbing and that scene isn’t my thing and it never has been.

While I like to remain open-minded, I doubt it ever will be.

I’m also not afraid to say, that I’ve never been your traditional young person. At the time of writing this, I’ve hit my mid-twenties, and it’s been a growth journey to now get to this point where I openly share and am not embarrassed by this admission.

There are many reasons to why, clubbing, drinking, and everything to do with that scene does not interest me in the slightest.

The main fact of the matter is that I believe there are better ways to spend your time and money rather than going to a club to get pissed up, or “have fun” to then wake up with a hangover the following morning and regret it only to then do it all over again the following weekend.

I just don’t get it.

And, while a few years ago I thought I was the ONLY person in the world who thought this way and had zero interest in clubbing, which alongside many other issues in my life at the time compounded and I hit a state of depression and severe anxiety – I now know I’m not the only person in the world who thinks this way!

I want to share with you a range of different things that you can do instead of having so-called fun in the traditional way as a 20-something that will actually help you to grow and move forward.

And, as I see them they are actually a new type of fun!

Let’s dive into them…

1.     Start to Learn and Practice a New Skill

This might sound “boring” but, I actually believe it’s really fun. Especially when you pick an area or field that you’re interested and would love to grow in.

I don’t believe there is any point in learning something that you have no interest in because when the going gets tough (and it will) you’re likely to just give it up.

And, that’s understandable because you’re not interested in it.

Let’s say you’re passionate about sport…

Instead of going to the club, could you see yourself playing, and practising your favourite sport with a group of like-minded people who also want to get better in this area…?

If you’re as passionate about it as I am football, then I would say yes!

And, tell me that doesn’t sound like fun – I’d take football over the club, drinking, or any of these types of activities any day of the week.

On average, it takes 10,000 hours to master a new skill and you aren’t going to learn new skills, especially the ones you want to grow in and are deeply passionate about by spending 5, 6 or maybe even 7 hours every Friday and Saturday night drinking or in a club.

Something to think about, right? 💭

2.     Spend Quality Time with Family

We all love our family, from our parents, or the people that have raised us to our siblings.

Yet, when we hit our teens, and early 20’s – why do we seem to neglect the people that mean the most to us, and instead hang out with our “new bestie” who in 12 months time will ditch us for someone else.

I mean come on!

Let’s get our priorities in order.

Now, this isn’t to say you should live your life based on keeping your family happy – far from it.

Because let’s face it you cannot keep everybody happy all of the time so, you should just do you.

It’s just worth being mindful, that when you get to 30, 40, 50 or older will you regret, not spending more quality time with your family?

The reality is when they’re no longer with us, there’s nothing then you’ll be able to do about it.

The challenge with being young, from my perspective is that we don’t think long-term. We don’t think or are mindful about how every action we take takes our life in a different direction.

We don’t think the regrets, we may have based on the stupid decisions we make right here, right now.

This isn’t about being perfect.

It’s about not sleep-walking through life and knowing what matters to you (more on that later).

And, for I hope everyone family, however you define it, is one of those key treasures that means something to you.

So why not spend more time with your loved ones, developing those relationships, and doing those things together that you all enjoy?!

It’s beats clubbing for me!

3.     Spend Time with Like-Minded People

Now, talking from experience all of your friends are not going to be of a similar mindset to you.

I know this too well.

But, that’s okay!

Because, I’ve got good news – there are 7.8 Billion (as of 2020) people on planet earth and the advancements in technology means we can reach and connect with more like-minded people than ever before.

One of the biggest shifts in my personal growth has hands down been connecting with like-minded people who inspire me to be better and having amazing conversations.

Will you try to connect with people who blank you… yes!

Will you try to connect with people who think you’re weird, and ask you what they hell do you want… yes!

But, will you connect with open, like-minded people, who also want to connect and grow alongside other like-minded people… yes!

Again, this beats clubbing.

Because the people you meet either in-person or virtually and the conversations you will have are amazing. Words cannot describe it.

p.s. when doing this and connecting with others – you must bring your true authentic self.

4.     Go to the cinema, bowling, or other amusements

While the majority of what I do, and what I share is directly about your personal growth and transformation, getting you to think in a different way – not everything is. Or is it? 😉

Sometimes, we just may want to do something that isn’t learning related, isn’t always with our family, and is where we can go to unwind and take our minds off of our daily lives…

And, there is nothing wrong with that.

Why do we always need to include alcohol though?

Like, you know you can have fun and a great time without drinking, right?

And, in the morning not have a hangover, feel like shit, and wish you didn’t drink as much as you did.

Here’s the thing…

You can have a fantastic time, at the cinema, going bowling, eating out, or any other form of amusement without the need to include drink or afterwards going onto the club.

A few years ago some of my best nights were going to a local amusement arcade where they had, bowling, pool, and so many other games with my mates and I didn’t touch a bit of alcohol.

And, here’s a unconventional perspective for you…

If you did this, if you are currently into clubbing, drinking and so on and started to change your behaviour, not because I’m saying to but because you want to, that right there is a sign of growth!

So, in a round-a-bout way everything I do share is about growth 😉

Oh, and this is again, for me, better than the club!

5.     Attend a virtual or in-person mastermind or event – especially if it’s educational

There are loads of masterminds and events that happen every year, and you can make a real day of these opportunities – especially in-person ones.

Of course, at the time of writing this (2020), no in-person masterminds or events are happening, however, I’m sure that’ll be an option again in the not too distant future.

#NAC2019 was the last event that I went to, and I had an amazing time.

The great thing about masterminds and events of any sorts, is that you can really make a day of it – and have a much better experience than you would going to the club.

Events come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and as you may be able to guess from the photo above #NAC2019 was more of a educational and networking event – there to learn from some of the best minds in the world.

When I say to attend events, I am meaning these sorts of events and masterminds.

But I also mean, any other type of event as well as similarly to going to the cinema, or going bowling sometimes just have to detach and that isn’t a bad thing.

Again, I raise the point that you can have fun, at other types of events without the need to continually drink.

Whatever type of event you’re going to, even if it’s virtual, and even if it’s an educational mastermind or event like #NAC2019 it’s better than going to the club.

7.     Watch an Educational TV Show or Series

What I’m going to share with you hear, actually feeds into the next suggestion as well as instead of going to the club, you could watch an educational TV show or series that widens your perspectives and gets you to think outside of the box!

The only TV that I watch is mostly football-related and the odd series like Suits (great series).

However, I am starting to watch more educational shows, especially about the planet as becoming more eco-friendly is a huge desire of mine.

There are many shows and series out there when you will be entertained while learning, and merging the two I think is great!

Personally, and it’s something I recommend I don’t watch the news, or TV programs like Family Guy… hate those shows!

I’m mindful of the information I’m absorbing and it’s something I recommend that you do to.

Watching an educational TV show or series, or even a film to be honest with a bag of popcorn for me, is better than going to the club.

And, if you make a night of it with a group of like-minded people, your friends, or family then all the better.

8.    Develop your Mindset and/or Perspective

Again, be careful of the things that you are absorbing and on a daily basis, multiple times per day I would advise you do things and take action that helps to develop your mindset and/or perspective.

Maybe, you’ll read a book, go for a walk, practice mindfulness or something else that flows y our boat. Instead of going to a club, with 100+ drunk (or nearly drunk) people spend it connecting with your inner self and developing your mind. In 5, 10 or 15+ years to come you won’t regret it.

9.     Develop Your Vision

Now, for the average person who has done little or no personal development, this might be a tricky one to understand but we’ve all got to start somewhere and I actually love it when I sit down to visualise what I am working towards and growing my vision.

To start with this, I recommend getting a piece of paper and a pen, drawing 3 columns labelled “doing”, “being”, “having” and then brain dumping everything in each column of what is an ideal situation for you and what comes to mind. Let your intuitive mind flow. This can be a good start to developing your vision.

10.  Getting a Great Night’s Sleep

Last time, I checked most people get home from clubs at what…? 3 am? 4 am? 5 am? Sleep and a night of good quality sleep is one of the most important things to us as humans. Without it, we lack energy, are miserable and it can affect our long term health. Now, the odd night 3 am night is O.K but if you’re doing this every weekend, multiple times then in my option we have a problem.

I’m not trying to be boring, I’m trying to save people having regrets in 5, 10 or even in 15 year’s time. It’s fair to say most people in their late teens, twenties and early thirties go clubbing, which just happens to be the time where most of the decisions you make will either propel you or haunt you. 

Of course, there are exceptions but so many people in this age demographic waste time, and then 15 years later have these huge regrets. In my opinion, it’s better to start on your personal development, self-discovery or call it to want you like journey when you are 18, 19 or 20 rather than 52,53,54 as come that age you have a lot to catch up on.

Unfortunately, most young people don’t see it as I do which is another reason why I wanted to write this post but I do see more and more people come around to this way of thinking and that can only be a good thing, Not for me, but for them.

But, I’m also seeing people just go clubbing or out late-night drinking because they don’t want to be seen as boring. They go to fit in, they go because they lack direction and they go because they want the short-term pleasure that it brings and lack clarity on who they are!

If you are one of these people I hope I have shown you that if you that there are many other ways how you can spend your Friday and Saturday nights without having to waste hemp loads of money while damaging your health in the process and fitting into society.

At the end of the day, you have passions, interests, goals and dreams and unlimited potential inside of you waiting to be unleashed. My job is to help you make them happen, and I also hope this article has helped you to think a little different.


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