Have you ever had so much on your plate that it feels like your to-do list will never end? Is your head constantly spinning with tasks and errands you need to complete? Do you ever lie awake at night because you can’t turn your brain off?

These might be symptoms of a burnout.

Exhaustion can vary from person to person, but if you notice any of the following signs, you may be working yourself too hard and are overdue a break.

1. Lack of sleep

When you are stressed, over-worked or overwhelmed, sleep is one of the first things to suffer.

So if you are staying up later to get things done, or you find yourself randomly waking up at strange hours of the night, this may be a sign that you need to take a break.

2. Restlessness

If you never feel well-rested, you aren’t taking enough time for yourself. So when you do eventually try to relax, you have a hard time slowing down.

So in order to properly recharge, make sure you are taking enough time for a frequent breather.

3. No motivation

Losing interest in the things that used to bring you joy can be a sign that you’ve reached a burnout.

High levels of stress can cause you to complete tasks out of obligation, rather than because you enjoy them.

So take some time to heal, and your motivation will return.

4. No energy

Do you ever still feel exhausted no matter how much sleep you get? Excessive stress can lead you to feel physically and mentally drained, even after a decent night’s sleep.

5. It’s hard to concentrate

If you are struggling to follow things that would normally be easy for you to engage with, or find that your usual tasks take longer or feel more difficult, you may have too much on your plate.

Slowing down and taking some time out will give your brain time to clear and de-mist, making room for the important things.

6. Mood swings

If you are snapping at people more often than normal, or have less patience, then this may be a sign that you need to take a break.

It’s normal to go through periods of irritability, but paying attention to your emotions can help you to realise that you may need a little TLC.

It can be hard to recognise when it’s time to stop and hit the pause button, but everyone needs a break from time to time.

This will make you more productive, and lead you to conquer anything you set your mind to.


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