I’m sure at some point in our lives we have all felt confused, overwhelmed, frustrated and stuck!

So stuck, in fact, that we feel like we can’t move forward. Maybe, everything we do, everything we try just keeps hitting us in the face.

We may feel like giving up and have nothing less to give.

As I sit here writing this right now, you could say I’ve had one of these weeks. Some big things are just around the corner, and right now I’m getting everything ready and am waiting on some other people to get back to me on a few things.

This is frustrating because once these things are done it will have a ripping effect.

Now, that brings me onto point number one to move forward in your life right now…

Look, at the end of the day none of us can control other people, sure we might be able to influence them, but we can’t control what they do. I truly believe we all need to focus on ourselves more than focusing on other people.

Now, I can take this in two directions…

Meaning, this week there’s been times where I’ve been frustrated at certain people I’m waiting to get back to me, so more things can start to happen.

However, as I’ve found out this week, at any given moment there is always something we can do to move forward.

Rather than waiting for others to get back to me, I’ve found other things that I can be getting on with in the meantime so when they finally get back to me we can make even greater steps.

Although it’s not easy and can still be frustrating I can put myself in this mindset because I understand they say have their own sh*t going on in their lives. Of course, communication could be better but that’s neither here nor there.

Understand my first point, focus on the things you can do RIGHT NOW and don’t wait around for other people, because sometimes, you’ll be waiting for a very long time!

Another way I want to take this is that as a society we should bloody stop focusing on other people…

“oooo look George down the street has a new expensive car – I wonder how he has afforded that”


Like, literally, who cares?

You might think it’s human nature, but I don’t. When you have a mission, a vision and a purpose you’ll more focused on serving others and moving forward right now than on whether your next-door neighbour has a brand new £60,000 car!

Focus on the things you can control which are:

  1. Your thoughts
  2. Your actions
  3. Your beliefs
  4. Your attitude
  5. Your perspective and where you’re focusing
  6. Your breath
  7. Your words

Let me ask you a question…

Why do you think people complain…?

Drop a comment in the comment section down below.

This is why I think people complain…

because they have no mission, vision or purpose.

It’s that simple. They have NO purpose.

Which if you think of it is pretty sad but I’ve been there. Not necessary being a constant complainer, sure I’ve complained before, but I believe when you have a purpose and are focused on solutions rather than challenges and obstacles you complain LESS!

Complaining hardly ever changes a situation, it might just help you to feel a bit better… in the short-term. If it’s a challenge or obstacle you’re complaining about, that will still exist if you complain.

This is why I think it’s better to focus on solutions rather than challenges and obstacles. (Note: have you noticed I haven’t used the word problem).

If you focus on the things that bring you down, then they will do just that – bring you down. Whereas if you focus on the upside of life, focus on solutions when challenges and obstacles arrive, focus on using these challenges as a springboard for growth, then life becomes a lot better!

Life is an amazing thing, a thing that we’re here to live, enjoy and contribute to the world in a meaningful way (whatever that means for you). So, stop you’re complaining.

You might be going through a tough point right now, but I know this, there are people out there right now who have it worse and are just getting on with things.

There are people out there right now who have it worse than you, but they seem to focus on the positive, they seem to be able to smile, enjoy life and don’t complain…

So, why can’t you…?

When you stop complaining and start focus on solutions then you’ll start to move forward.

Remember this… when you complain, you remain.

The amazing thing about life is at any moment you can move forward by getting out of your own head and do something for somebody else.

This could mean, doing a nice deed for someone, paying a compliment, recognising someone or just smiling and being an upbeat person.

When you give to others, and you give authentically, it doesn’t have to make a big difference!

Try it, and see what difference it makes for you…

I just on it, but when you get out of your own head you’ll then start to move forward. This is something I’ve been starting to implement more in my own life. I tend to overthink things – especially ideas!

9 times out of 10 when I have a new idea, I try and gain 110% clarity on it, so I know what action steps to take to make this idea a reality. Sometimes, that a good thing, right? Having that clarity of where you’re going, what action steps to take etc.

It’s when it can hold you back it can become a challenge and a few times this year this has happened for me, so I’ve decided before this becomes a huge challenge to take action on it and get out of my own head.

Getting out of your own head, for me, is about clarity to a certain degree but it’s more about focusing back on this present moment and making things simple.

We all have different ways we might get out of our own heads.

Some people might go for walks to gain that clarity and be in the present moment. Others might take a 5-minute nap to refresh and go again, while others might as explained in the last point, go and help others.

It’s all about finding something that works for you.

Again, getting out of your own head, for me means, clearing all of the thoughts, gaining clarity, making things simple and being in the present moment.

Tip number 5 to move forward in your life right now is to…

I truly believe curiosity is very undervalued…

Let’s say you have a challenge that’s keeping you stuck, and you’ve tried a few different solutions, that haven’t paid of yet. Getting curious is about asking yourself…

“What else can I do to move forward?”

“Who could I ask for help?”

“Is there anything I haven’t thought of?”

“What else can I do?”

Being curious, helps you to find different solutions for you to try to move forward.

And, being curious works in so many other ways. Take your next-door neighbour who is very successful and has just got that brand-new car I was telling you about earlier. Instead of judging them, being jealous and complaining, why not try and dive inside the mind of this induvial to learn and to grow?!

AKA, being curious!

The trouble is that’s too hard for most people and they’d rather take the easy route of judgement, complaining and spreading negativity!

So, if you want to move forward right now, get curious!

If you really want to move forward in your life right now…?


And, be grateful for this moment.

Once you really just appreciating life for what it is, then you’ll start to move forward.

Yes, life can be challenging and no it is not easy and yes, I still have my own challenges but every single morning for a period of about 15 minutes I sit down and practice gratitude.

I meditate and focus on the moment I am in, I associate myself to the moment and gain a greater realisation of how precious life actually is.

Afterwards, I use the memo voice notes app on my phone to keep track of everything and everyone I am grateful for and how I can express more gratitude during the day.

And, when I am stuck, confused and overwhelmed, I STOP whatever I am doing, change my environment and focus on the present moment. I realise how special that moment is and am so grateful for that moment. Because that moment right there is my life.

The next time you find yourself stuck and have no idea what to do to move forward implement just one of these strategies, to begin with, and see how it can help you to move forward and get out of your own head because from experience there is always something you can do to move forward.


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