Creating spaces for growth-minded individuals to grow together.

our mission

Our mission is to raise human consciousness and help people become a better version of themselves so we can create a better world for current and future generations.

Our journey so far

the journey begins

With a passion for personal growth and supporting the next generation, we start out as a way to bring young people together who are invested in their growth and not following the traditional path laid out for them.

October, 2017
The Community Blog

Our community blog is launched under the name 'Find Your Voice Blog' and is later to be revamped and rebranding. Today, we have 15 regular community members who contribute to the blog and we are growing.

March, 2018
The Grow2Gether Academy

Development to build and create an all-in-one membership platform takes place to plunge the gap between the traditional education system, and what young people actually need to thrive in the real world. Including, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, leadership skills just to name a few.​

September, 2019
Listening to the Community

After listening to the community through 2020, and some self-reflection we become clear on why we do what we do, not just what we do.

November, 2020
March, 2018
Educating Through Content

3 months after launching fully in the new year, a number of content series are launched to help educate our community members on everything personal growth and entrepreneurship.​ Most of which is still available today!

August, 2019
The Grow2Gether Podcast

We launch the Grow2Gether podcast as a platform for our community to share their experiences and story through their journey so far and bring like-minded people together.

January, 2020
Academy Beta Phase

After months of planning and content production with our range of experts, coaches and content creators we launch the beta phase of the academy.​ New content, new experts, coaches and content creators come on board over the 3 months that follow.

Our values

Be unconventional and take a different perspective
  • Challenge social norms, the status quo, and those in power.
  • See something from a different perspective. 
  • Be open-minded to doing things in a different way. 
  • Ask thought-provoking questions like… “Is there another, possibly better, way of doing this?” 
  • Try something different. If it doesn’t work, try something else.
  • Push the boundaries of what we “think” is possible.
Commit to a new way of learning - a new type of education
  • Learn something that serves you from everything and everyone.
  • Take personal responsibility for your mistakes, and use them as opportunities to learn and to grow.
  • Tailor education to meet people where they’re at and that challenges their personal growth.
  • Focus on building lifelong skill sets and good habits, that actually serves us rather arbitrary learning, grades or numbers.
  • Always go deeper to WHY we share, educate, and teach the things that we do – don’t be surface level.
Build community where everyone achieves more, together
  • Connect people together based on shared interests, values, principles, and beliefs.
  • Build meaningful honest relationships.
  • Challenge and hold each other accountable in a supporting, loving way. 
  • Stand up for the things we believe in collectively.
  • Create a safe environment where sharing skills, knowledge, feelings, ideas, and supporting each other takes place.
Live from the inside out, rather than the outside in
  • Express who we truly are and live from our core values.
  • Focus on what we can control – our thoughts, our actions, our words, our attitude, our effort, our behaviour – not what anyone else is doing.
  • Do what you love and share it with the world. 
  • Only compete with the person you were yesterday to strive for daily progress.
  • Commit to the journey of personal growth and discovering yourself at a deeper level.
Focus on the long-term
  • Commit to or build something you’re passionate about that will outlast every one of us. Build good empowering habits that lead to growth, and break bad ones.
  • Be acceptive of short-term pain, for long-term gain. 
  • Focus on building momentum through taking daily action steps, more than sweating the “small stuff” and hitting arbitrary numbers and dates. 
  • Express gratitude for the now while working towards what you want.

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A personal growth community platform creating spaces for growth-minded individuals to grow together.

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