Crystals – Introduction: Ancient art of using Crystal therapy in modern daily activities to improve overall balance

...they also connect the physical realm to the spiritual aspects of life. I consider them to be a catalyst for personal development and spiritual growth...

I don’t know about you, but when I say Crystals I think about the semi-precious gemstones. What are semi-precious gemstones? Stones generally used in creating jewelry. But they also connect the physical realm to the spiritual aspects of life. I consider them to be a catalyst for personal development and spiritual growth. Connecting with them can open a direct communication channel with the divine.

Crystals, also known as Quartz Crystals, or Healing Crystals, have been around since ancient times. Forming and developing throughout tens or hundreds of thousands, or even millions of years. Usually found in mines and caves, in various shapes and sizes. Always used, especially in jewelry because of their stunning beauty, but also for their metaphysical properties.

The information you will read here contains metaphysical and healing properties of Crystals based on my own experience with them. This does not constitute any medical advice or substitute for any medical treatment.

Crystals in history

The word Crystal derives from the ancient Greek word “krustallos”, meaning both “ice” and “rock crystal”. Eternal Ice sent from the Gods.

The ancient Greeks wore a crystal named “amethyst” and carved drinking vessels from it. This was in the belief that it would prevent intoxication and drunkenness.

The Romans used crystal amulets or talismans. Mostly for protection in battle, as well as in the decoration of their armors.

The Egyptians mined crystals and used them to make jewelry and in rituals, particularly when burying the dead. They believed that their energetic power will help them find their way in the afterlife. Pharaohs and priests used quartz-filled cylinders to balance the Ba and Ka energies of the body.

Chinese medicine used crystal-tipped needles in acupuncture.

Japanese used crystals to connect to psychic energies by “scrying”. Scrying means using a crystal ball to see the future and foretell events.

In India, Ayurvedic medicine considers crystals and gemstones invaluable in counteracting the effects of astrology and karma. Healing crystals documented in the Vedas each present their specific healing properties.

Finally, the Atlanteans have used crystals in everything they did. But this fact eventually led them to their destruction.


Crystals in technology

Quartz crystals maintain a precise frequency standard, which helps the regulation of the movement of a watch or clock. They vibrate, or tick, at exactly 60 seconds per minute, which makes the timepieces extremely accurate. The Crystals used in radios, and microprocessors, are also key objects in modern lifestyles. They fulfill a vital role in smartphones and other mobile phones, digital cameras, and automotive electronics.

Crystals in everyday life

Today, more and more people are starting to open themselves to using crystals, and for a good reason. Crystals, gems, and minerals, infused with many thousands of years of Earth’s history, make powerful healing tools. Their energy can help balance and boost the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies of an individual. But because every individual is unique, a crystal practice that works for one person does not necessarily work for another. Fortunately, there are many ways to work with crystals every day. Here are a few ways in which you can use them:

  • during meditation.
  • during your yoga practice.
  • carrying one or more crystals with you throughout the day.
  • placing crystals on your body.
  • creating a Crystal Grid.
  • adding crystals to your altar.
  • bringing positive energy to your decor.
  • incorporating crystals into your daily self-care routine.
  • achieving goals.

How to use Crystals:

Normal techniques
  1. Holding a crystal during your meditation practice is the best way to connect with crystals. You can hold one crystal in each hand while closing your eyes and focusing on your breath. This will make your meditation practice easier, by clearing your mind allowing it to focus.
  2. Before starting your yoga practice, you can place crystals on your yoga mat. This allows you to create a peaceful space for your practice. Depending on your needs and skills, you can either use crystals to create a grid or use a Chakra set. (placing the crystals along the length of the mat).
  3. Carrying crystals with you throughout the day can improve the overall balance of your energy field. So, when purchasing a new crystal, first it needs cleansing and charging. After cleansing and charging, I recommend that you carry it with you for 33 days. This process allows you to balance your energy with the crystal, hence making it work for you and you only. During this period, do not let anyone else touch the crystal. Because that will interfere by receiving external energies other than your own.
  4. You can place crystals directly on your body, specifically on the chakras. The chakras are the energy centers of our body. We know that there are 7 main chakras in the body. Each one having its specific color and its corresponding mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual characteristics, and traits. You can place a red crystal on your root chakra. Place a green crystal on your heart chakra, or a purple crystal on your third eye chakra. You can also use crystal chakra sets. These include one crystal for each of the chakras. Chakra sets allow you to open, balance, and boost the energy throughout your body.
Advanced techniques
  1. Use Crystal Grids for specific purposes. They consist of placing crystals in a specific pattern. There are many types of grids. From simple ones that only include 5 crystals, to more sophisticated ones which contain 144 crystals. Each Crystal Grid is dependent on the intention you create it for.
  2. Integrate crystals in your altar to boost and balance the energy, as well as protect your sacred space.
  3. Bring positive energy to your decor, whether it’s your home or office space. Use Crystal trees, pyramids, or spheres, and also Feng Shui arrangement for specific purposes.
  4. Using some crystals in the daily self-care routine. You can make crystal-infused water by placing one or more cleansed and charged crystals in a glass or bottle of water. There are many benefits to using it. (bathing, washing your hands, or face, preparing meals).
  5. Using crystals makes achieving goals much easier. How to use a crystal for achieving goals? Program the crystal for the specific purpose or goal that you want to achieve. Carry the crystal with you wherever you go. Usually, after the crystal’s purpose is complete, it will disappear. Like humans, every crystal has its purpose or “crystal’s mission”. The crystal then moves to the next individual that needs its help.

Cleansing and Charging Methods

Crystal cleansing is the most important step after you receive a new Crystal. (either received as a gift from another person or purchased yourself).

Recommended cleansing methods

  • Smudging or Incense Sticks – place the crystal where the smoke can cleanse the stored energies. (negative energies, programs that may have been acquired by the stone).
  • Crystal Druse, bed, Geode, or Cluster – by placing the crystal on them for 24-48 hours.
  • Water – If you are near a natural running river, place the crystal in an open mesh bag and sink it. (you can use running water in your home as a replacement for a natural stream of water).
  • Reiki Energy – If you are a Reiki practitioner, you can use Reiki for cleansing your crystal.
  • Earth’s energy – You can bury the crystal in the earth for 24-36 hours. NOTE: Be sure to mark the spot you have buried it. You may have the surprise of not being able to find it.
  • Visualization – You can use visualization or ‘thought energy’ to cleanse your crystal.

Not recommended cleansing methods

  • Salt – Crystals (like humans) store high amounts of water. Exposing them to salt dehydrates them and they may eventually break.
  • Sunlight – Direct sunlight is affecting the Amethyst in the means of fading its color. I do not recommend leaving it in direct sunlight for long periods.

Crystal charging is the next step you may take to amplify a crystal’s power.

Here are some ways you can charge your Crystal:

  • Crystal Druse, bed, Geode, or Cluster – by placing the crystal on them for 24-48 hours.
  • Water – You can use tap water to charge crystals. Set the intention to charge with pure energy from the primordial source.
  • Reiki Energy – Reiki practitioners can use Reiki energy to charge crystals.
  • Earth’s energy – Bury the crystals in the earth for 36 or 72 hours. Be sure to mark the spot where you have buried them. You might have the surprise of not being able to find them.
  • Visualization – You can use the visualization technique to charge your crystals.
  • Sun & Moon Energy – Place the crystal where it can get the energy from the Sun and the Moon. (a window, on a table in your yard). Be sure that it does not stay in direct sunlight, as it may damage the crystal.

As you will discover in my future articles, crystals can have a positive effect or a negative effect. You will understand how they should be used, in what combination, and for what purpose. The result also depends on who is using them.


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