How to Deal with Haters?

A challenge most people face, especially when they're doing something new, exciting, and rather unconventional is dealing with the haters.

A challenge most people face, especially when they’re doing something new, exciting, and rather unconventional is dealing with the haters.

You know those people who seem to hate everything that we do. Whether it’s starting a new business, joining a new sports team, starting a new fitness regime or pursuing our goals and aspirations – there always seems to be people who are spreading negativity.

Now, these could be people we care for like a family member or friend. These could be people, we know a work colleague or acquaintance or they could be strangers but come across one of our social media posts.

As I see it, we have three main choices when it comes down to dealing with these situations and can come down to whether you know them or not.

  1. We could choose to retaliate.
  2. We could choose to forgive.
  3. We could choose to challenge.
  4. We could choose to ignore it altogether.

What I’ve learnt from my time being in entrepreneurship and invested in my personal growth is that the hate and negativity you may receive is more of a reflection of the haters than it is of you.

I’ve also learnt, that it’s likely the people who are spreading these bad vibes, often have some deep personal stuff going on in their lives and they deal with it by bringing down people who they see are doing something with their lives and trigger some sort of insecurity within themselves.

Like, imagine the bad mental place you must be to be scrolling through social media seeing someone who is making stuff happen, maybe celebrating and leaving a negative comment, or messaging that person something nasty.

These people, must be in a real bad place.

And, while sometimes it’s hard to deal with receiving that negativity – the best way I feel to combat that is to approach the situation with empathy for that person.

Again, just imagine the bad mental place one must be to spread hate and negativity.

Depending on the situation I recommend to sometimes challenge that person because often these people are looking for some sort of reaction that feeds into their comments – either online or in-person as well.

But, if we can challenge that person often they’ll pipe the hell down.

Often, though I just ignore.

Look, I don’t have time to deal with negativity and people who have nothing better else to do rather than trying to bring me down.

I only have a certain number of days on planet earth and I’m going to use that time for things that matter.

Especially, as I was reading something the other day that said sometimes our haters go on to become our biggest fans… in the end!

I found that really interesting and so to me, that means if we keep focused on doing what we’re doing some of the haters will actually come around to our way of thinking… fancy that! 😉

Then we get to make a choice of whether we’re going to support these people or not. I think that’s a powerful position to be in.

I always do, support these people. Because, I’m driven by my mission, and I am not going to sink to their level. I would rather, support them to raise their level higher.

A caveat to all of this, is if these people are your closest family and friends they’re likely being this way because they want to protect you.

While their actions may seem like they’re hating or being negative in a weird like of way they’re actually looking out for you.

It’s something to be mindful of, and respond back with love, kindness and understanding. With a little bit of challenging – it never hurt anyone 😉.

The one thing to not do is give up on your goals, aspirations, and paths you’ve started to pursue whatever they might be because the haters and people are putting you down.

Here’s a question for you…

Are the haters really worth you giving up on your goals and aspirations?

Personally, I think not!

And, if you’ve got a different answer to that. Maybe, your goals and aspirations aren’t strong enough.

When you give up on your goals and aspirations or retaliate to the haters, you’re giving them what they want…


Don’t give them what they want.

Challenge them (they won’t be expecting it). Ignore them. And, if they become your biggest fans, educate them.

Just don’t give up or retaliate.

And, if you feel downbeat or like they’re getting the better of you remember this…

Those who are trying to bring you down are already below you. Rise above.

And, go and be around people that lift you higher.

Go and find your tribe!

This is what I’ve done and continue to do.

And, get this…

Don’t worry about the haters. They are just angry because the truth you speak contradicts the lie, they live.


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